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Now accepting nominations for our $5000 Community Hero Scholarship with Intact Insurance / Intact Assurance

Congratulations Maisy Wheeler!!

I can be found visiting with the residents, painting nails, or playing cards.

This experience in this environment has further exemplified my interest to work in the health field.
I plan to become a Registered Nurse. I am enrolled in my pre-professional year of arts and sciences at Parkland with intentions of taking my full four years there.

I believe nursing will be a great occupation for me because I enjoy working with people, I have compassion for others, and am interested in the human body with respects to saving lives and preserving health.

Overall, I want to dedicate my career to helping others as much as I can.

Recipient of $5000 Community Hero Scholarship proudly awarded by Jason Farrell on behalf of Westland Insurance Group Ltd. O/A Farrell Agencies and Intact Insurance – Intact Assurance

Read more about why she is a community hero below in her application essay:
My name is Maisy Wheeler and I am a grade twelve student attending Yorkton Regional High School.
Throughout school, I have been involved in various activities and volunteer opportunities that exemplify my merit for this scholarship.

Aside from my academic achievements, my positive, determined, and kind character has provided opportunities to create a lasting impact in people’s lives and given me a chance to create change for issues I am passionate about.

I have played basketball and volleyball on school teams and been an active member of the SRC Leadership team involving volunteering in the school and community.

I was also a member of our school’s We Act team. Through We, I was sponsored by Potash Corp in 2016 to travel to Kenya on a volunteer trip geared towards food security.

I was able to share this experience during We Day Saskatchewan in 2017 when I was asked to speak at the event.

My work as a registered volunteer at the Sunrise Health Region has been a way for me to dedicate my time to helping others.

I volunteer at the Yorkton and District Nursing Home (Yorkton Village) with recreation.

Past Recipients

Congratulations 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations Daytona Campbell

Recipient of the 2018 Community Hero Scholarship of $5000

Congratulations to Cassie Jones, winner of the 2017 Farrell Agencies / Intact Insurance Community Scholarship worth $5000!

Thank you to everyone who applied. Your applications were inspiring and we are so proud of what you are all planning on doing for your communities. They will be a better place thanks to you.

Look for us again next year!

The following is Cassie's submission:

1. What does ‘community’ mean to you?

Community to me is a group of interconnected people that all live unique lives, contribute in their own way, and have the same main goal, to make their community a better place. Community is where I can feel safe, grow in all areas of life, take on responsibility, have support, celebrate similarities and differences, help out others, get involved and learn.

2. What will you do for your community in the next phase of your life?

In the next phase of my life I will be learning all about the human body so I can help others by teaching them about and treating their health issues. I plan to keep on volunteering throughout the Yorkton Regional Hospital and the Sunrise Health Region, continue running my photography business around Yorkton, join the community band, and continue helping out at my church in multiple ministries. The next couple of summers I would like to help at Good Spirit Bible Camp to enrich the lives of children. This year, in conjunction with the Yorkton Registered Music Teachers Association, I will be planning a fundraiser event for Creative Kids, an organization that provides financial support so that all children have access to life-changing artistic and cultural activities.


Congratulations Kaitlyn Kitzan!
WINNER of the $5000 Community Scholarship.

The following is her winning submission:

1. What does community mean to you?

Coming from a small community, Theodore, I have been raised in a very community-minded way. Community means to me a group of people working towards a common goal. Community is about “belonging” and a place that supports me and other citizens in many different ways. I believe strongly that no matter the size of a community, it’s the people and their dedication and commitment that makes a community and its network viable.

2. How will you in your next phase of life make your community a better place?

Since a young age, I have been involved with various organizations within my local community of Theodore and Yorkton. Through the years I have been very active within my school. I believe it’s important to stay involved in order for a community to thrive. Even though I will be going to the U of S this fall, enrolled in the College of Agriculture, I look forward to returning to volunteer with the organizations and events that I am presently involved with now. That includes the Yorkton Exhibition, Ministry of Agriculture, Theodore Recreation Association, and many other organizations. In the future, I see myself in my career, returning to my community and taking more leadership roles with local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, sporting events and teams, 4-H, and other worth while groups. I look forward to continue being an active member within this community, and working towards making our community a better place to live.

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