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What is Water Protection Coverage and how does it help me?

Water Protection Coverage is its most comprehensive water coverage. Under Water Protection Coverage, you’re insured for sudden and accidental flooding, surface water, ground water and sewer back up.

That means:

  • Surface water – water on the surface of the ground where it doesn’t usually accumulate under ordinary circumstances.
  • Flood – the rising of, breaking out or overflow of any body of water, or watercourse, whether natural or man-made.
  • Ground water – water in the soil beneath the surface of the ground; coverage will be provided only when sudden and accidental and tied to a flood or surface water event.
  • Sewer back up – water or sewage backs up, escapes or overflows inside your home due to escape or overflow from the sewer line, sump pit or septic tank.

What’s not included?

Some of the situations not covered:

  • Damage caused by tidal waves, tsunamis, storm surges and landslides
  • Continuous or repeated leaking or seepage from water or sewage
  • Water damage to the concrete of your sidewalk, driveway, basement walls, foundations and/or

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Farrell Agencies has been serving Saskatchewan for 40 years and now, across Canada!

Overland Water Protection may now be available through your policy. Most of us unfortunately have experienced overland water coming into our house from heavy rains and melting snow.


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