5 Ways to Keep Your Combine Running Smoothly

Posted by Farrell Agencies on August 8, 2019

Running a successful farm is a huge challenge for even the most skilled families, and it requires plenty of heavy and expensive machinery to stay afloat. That’s why it is crucial that owners constantly stay on top of the conditions of their machines and do what they can to keep them safe.

Here are just 5 ways farmers can help maintain their combines and stretch out their lifetimes.

Grease and Oil Every Morning

Every morning before you hit the fields, be sure to properly grease your zerks and top up all of your oil levels. This will help your vehicle last for years to come and save you from being stranded miles from home.

Keep Your Paths and Fields Clear

Before the harvest season really begins, take your truck out to your fields and remove any large objects or debris that may damage your combine systems. Your family may have been tilling this land for years and think it’s clear, but a loose tree limb blown by the wind can do serious damage to your machine.

Always Use the Proper Concaves

Farmers who only grow a specific crop don’t have to worry about switching to the proper concave, but for farmers who are growing a mix of produce, it’s a necessity. Having the wrong concave can lead to over-threshing your cash crop and an overall lower yield at the end of the harvest.

Prepare Your Undercarriage for Different Weather

Different winters have different weather, with some being drier and others leaving your fields a muddy swamp. If your spring was particularly wet, pay attention to the amount of mud sticking to the bottom of your combine and how much damage it’s causing to your paddles.

Prepare for the Unexpected

No matter how much preparation and cleaning you do, the life of a farmer is always filled with unexpected problems and challenges. Combine problems can occur anywhere at any time, so be sure to keep the owner’s manual and a wide selection of wrenches, screwdrivers, and other repair tools.

A well-running combine is key to a successful harvest and a long-lasting farm, so make sure you have peace of mind by investing in Farrell Agencies’ combine rental insurance. Give our farming experts a call today at 1-306-783-4477 or visit us online and find the right insurance package that fits the needs of you and your family.

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