Kyle T. Fisher

Claims Manager

Kyle has been an insurance adjuster for over 10 years working with large adjusting firms and most recently his own independent firm – New Age Adjusters Ltd.  As an adjuster Kyle worked with clients of Farrell Agencies adjusting their claims and got know our office.  When the claims manager position opened Kyle was quick to respond and successfully join the team.  This is a quote from Kyle’s resume: “My most cherished part of working within the industry is the ability to help people in need to guide them through the insurance claims process, to progress toward an amicable settlement, and to return their lives to normality after a difficult time.” It was clear to see that Kyle’s value system meshes with Farrell Agencies’. We welcome Kyle as of October 2, 2017.  We are proud to acknowledge the importance of this position and celebrate the fact that Farrell Agencies is one of the few offices employing a full time claims manager to provide a superior experience for our clients during the time they need us the most.