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What is a Commercial Garage Policy? And Do You Need one?

Posted by Farrell Agencies on May 23, 2018

What is a Commercial Garage Policy? And Do You Need one?

A Commercial Garage Policy is designed to provide coverage for Shop and Garage Risks. Garage and shop operations have additional exposures that are not covered under your commercial General Liability policy or even under the vehicle owner’s automobile policy. A Garage Policy fills this gap in coverage and protects the shop owner when incidents occur where you the shop owner is held legally liable for the damage. The Garage Policy provides coverage for physical damage or liability coverage for customers vehicles you have accepted into your care, custody or control to work on, such as repairs or servicing of the vehicle because a standard owner’s automobile policy specifically excludes coverage while their vehicle is being worked on.

A Garage policy offers the following coverages: collision or upset and comprehensive coverage or specified perils coverage for damage to vehicles you do not own. You the insured will need to have to set a limit of coverage for each collision or upset and comprehensive coverage that reflects the maximum value of any one vehicle and maximum number of vehicles that you do not own, that you will have in your possession at any one time.

Do you provide any of the following services to your clients? Installation of stereo equipment or Command Start, Car wash (automatic or self-serve) Minor Tune-up shop, muffler shop, tire shop, quick lube shop, auto body, vehicle detailers, automobile paint shop, repair garage, automobile specialty shop or even a Glass repair shop to name a few, then you need to have a Commercial Garage Policy because you can face significant financial hardship if you’re at fault for damaging someone’s vehicle when its in your care, custody or control.

Commercial Garage Policy lets you focus on providing your customers with excellent, fast customer service and not worrying about what can happen if you damage one of your customers vehicles.

Trust a knowledgeable insurance professional to work for you. Come see us at Farrell Agencies. We’re here to help.

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