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The Importance of Bull Insurance for Livestock Farms

Posted by Farrell Agencies on January 5, 2020

Whether your livestock farm is based around dairy production or putting beef on the tables of Canadian families, Farrell Agencies understands how challenging it can be when raising bulls to grow your herd.

That’s why our insurance experts have crafted a series of policies that will give every livestock farmer the protection that they need when looking to raise their bulls and breed their cattle.

Risk of Mortality

Running a farm can often be a difficult job for you and your family, but it can be even tougher for your crops or livestock that spend most of their days exposed to the elements.

Whether it’s storms, predators, or disease, you need to make sure that your livestock are properly protected from harm and your family is protected from lost investment.

With Farrell Agencies’ All Risks of Mortality Insurance (ARM), farmers can protect the bulls in their stock and receive the entire insurable value in the event of a death by accident, injury, illness, or disease.

Risk of Infertility

When you’re raising bulls or searching for bulls to add to your herd, you’re doing everything possible to make sure they have the genes to make the future members of your herd larger, tougher, and more productive.

However, all of your efforts at raising or finding bulls may be ruined by a stray illness or accident which could leave a bull infertile and unable to pass on its well-bred genetics.

As part of our Broad Form Infertility, Loss of Use and Economic Slaughter Extension (ARM & BF), Farrell Agencies will cover the entire value of your bull if infertility is caused by an accident, injury, illness, or disease. This coverage also extends to cold weather damage, transport damage, and can cover temporary infertility during mating season.

Your livestock is the key to your farm’s growth and your family’s financial success, so why not give your farm the unsurpassed service and protection you deserve? Give our insurance experts a call today at 1 306 783 4477 or visit us online and find out how we can help make your livestock experience less stressful.

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