Snow load – are your Farm Outbuildings covered?

Posted by Farrell Agencies on March 28, 2018

Snow load – are your Farm Outbuildings covered?

Spring is here and it usually brings with it heavy and wet snow. Many losses to machine sheds, barns, quonsets occur in the Spring due to the weight of heavy snow that accumulates from spring snow storms. The peril of “snow load” is not always an included coverage for your farm outbuildings and may be an optional coverage that you can choose to add.

If you are worried about the peril of snow load and not sure what the Special, Named Perils, F&EC, Comp, Z4, G, coverage you currently have on your farm outbuildings actually means, be sure to call and ask. Coverage is different with each Insurance Company so please make certain you review your policy with your Broker so you are aware of what you may or may not have.


Photo Credit: The Dryden Observer

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