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Providing Community Support During the Covid-19 Crisis

Posted by Farrell Agencies on March 26, 2020

During this unprecedented time of uncertainty and seclusion, many individuals may be wondering how they can remain community-minded or where they can provide support. While the Covid-19 pandemic is a global crisis that requires large scale government intervention, there are still several things you can do at a local level that will make a difference.

From hair salons to gyms, retail outlets to restaurants, most service-based businesses are required to temporarily shut down or limit their ability to serve customers for the time being. Although their operating costs will be decreased, this hiatus will have a significant impact on the viability of these businesses. In order to help small and local businesses stay afloat, consider supporting them in alternative ways:

Shop Online
Many local businesses have online shopping options that enable customers to browse through the shelves without leaving the comfort of their own home. Other businesses are also offering customers the ability to phone in an order with either in-store or home delivery. An added bonus of this option is that such patronage will provide faster delivery of goods than if products were ordered from an international company.

Gift Cards
Another way to help keep local businesses rolling is by purchasing gift cards for their products and services. Consider buying gift cards as presents for others in need or just to use at a future time.

Take Out
Although most restaurants have been required to limit their hours or services, many are still offering take-out or delivery service. Continue to support these local businesses and their employees by ordering the occasional meal or beverage to enjoy at home or deliver to someone who is unable to go out.

Lend A Helping Hand
Whether it’s due to travel, potential virus exposure or health concerns, many community members are in quarantine or are self-isolating. These individuals may be unable to run their everyday errands or pick up necessities. Offer to do grocery runs, pick up medications or drop off some books for elderly citizens or community members who are unable to do it themselves. If you are unaware of anyone who may need a helping hand, contact your local church, Legion or SIGN as they will likely know of community members who may need assistance.

Support Frontline Workers
There are many people working in essential industries like healthcare, food services and supply management that are unable to stay at home and isolate themselves from the risk of virus exposure. These are the people who are keeping our utilities operating, stocking the shelves and supplying the services we all need during this health crisis. Consider supporting the people who are supporting you by dropping off a hot a meal, shoveling their walk or providing pet or childcare.

Donate to the Food Banks & Community Groups
During these financially challenging times, some parents may be unable to adequately feed their families. Consider donating non-perishable goods or providing a financial donation to a local food bank such as the Soup Haven in Yorkton. The Soup Haven Lunch Program Inc. is a non-denominational, non-profit, charitable organization that provides lunches to families in need. Contact the Soup Haven directly for more information on how you can help during this time. In communities outside of Yorkton, contact the local town office to find out which community groups may be providing food or financial support to community members during this time.

Stay Connected
As we all practice social distancing or self-isolation, loneliness and mental health challenges may intensify during this difficult time. Even though we are not able to get together, there are many ways to stay connected. Email, text, or use video tools like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. You can also pick up the phone and make a good, old fashioned phone call. Hearing a friendly voice and making that connection will go a long way during this isolating time.  

Finally, the last and most important thing we can all do is to adhere to the Chief Medical Officer directives and follow the social distancing and/or quarantine guidelines. The only way we will be able to mitigate the health risks and move past this crisis is by limiting the spread of the virus.

Even though we need to limit our social interactions during this time, we can still support each other and our communities throughout this crisis.

At Farrell Agencies, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our valued employees, clients and communities. We want to assure you that your safety remains our top priority throughout this time. For more information on how on we are taking important steps to help you stay protected, click here.

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