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Our Customer Service is Second to None

Posted by Farrell Agencies on May 20, 2020

We LOVE heading feedback from our customers and colleagues! 😆 Read on to hear why Farrell Agencies’ excellent customer service is making a positive impact in our community. Great job Andy!!


Thanks for taking my call earlier, I so I appreciate it and thought it was important to tell you personally.

I received a call from Issuing Rep, Andy this afternoon who was helping a client in office going through some challenges with the health of a loved one. I worked with Andy to correct a mistake that we had made and I needed to call our customer back to let him know we had gone ahead and reversed the error.

When I spoke to the customer he was so happy that we went to the lengths we did to help him and his family, but wanted me to know especially that Andy had done a fantastic job with him in office. The customer mentioned that Andy was patient and treated him with kindness and respect which meant a lot to him going through this hard time.

So, thank you to Andy and the staff at Farrell Agencies for going above and beyond today, it didn’t go unnoticed.


Tony Schlotter
Customer Inquiry Representative
SGI (Regina Operations Centre)

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