Motorcycle Riders are Vulnerable

Posted by Farrell Agencies on May 2, 2018

Motorcycle riders are vulnerable road users because they are not secured and enclosed by a vehicle. If you ride a motorcycle, it’s really important to take safety measures like wearing the proper gear, keeping your reflexes sharp and being extra cautious.

Motorcyclists can’t just assume that other drivers will always obey the rules. Good riders are always asking themselves what other drivers are really going to do, not what they are supposed to do.

In order to predict what other drivers will do, the rider has to think about 3 things:

  • What does the other driver want to do?
  • Am I in the way?
  • Does the other driver see me?

Drivers of cars involved in collisions with motorcycles often say they didn’t see the motorcycle. A motorcycle can be difficult to see and a car may pull out or turn in front of you, or cut you off.

You can make yourself more noticeable by:

  • changing position within a lane to increase visibility.
  • wearing bright colored and reflective clothing.
  • using your horn.
  • always using your signal lights when you turn.
  • being extra cautious at intersections.
  • ensuring your headlights are on at all times.

If you follow a motorcycle rider too closely it can distract the rider from the road, leading to a collision. Give motorcycles a 3-second following distance, just like you would for any other vehicle, and keep in mind:

  • Motorcycles are more agile than cars, making their movements harder to predict.
  • They are smaller and sometimes hard to see.
  • Motorcycles need a full lane width like all other vehicles.
  • A good rider is constantly changing positions within a lane to increase visibility for themselves and others around them and to avoid objects on the road.

In Saskatchewan, all motorcycle riders must wear a helmet. Check out Acceptable motorcycle helmets for proper use and fit on the SGI website. If the motorcycle does not have a windshield that deflects the air stream away from the rider’s face, riders and passengers must wear safety glasses, a face shield or goggles.

Riders in the Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing (MGDL) program must have arms and legs covered and wear hand-covering gloves, ankle-covering boots and an approved 3-quarter, modular or full-face helmet.

Motorcycle passengers must also wear helmets and protective gear.

We recommend motorcyclists always carry additional Auto Insurance coverage (Auto Pak) in addition to your basic license plate insurance.
This Extension Auto coverage allows you to increase the liability portion of your auto policy and if you choose, lower your deductible.

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