Do You Operate a Motorcycle?

Posted by Farrell Agencies on March 28, 2018


Warm weather is on the way and with that Motorcycle season will soon be in full swing.  As with any vehicle, regular maintenance especially in the spring is important to keep your motorcycle in good running condition. 

Check the tires for wear & proper air pressure, change the oil & perform an inspection of the bike for any other maintenance requirements.  When riding, wear appropriate gear – arms & legs covered, gloves for hands, boots to cover ankles & most importantly a three-quarter, modular or full-faced helmet.

Register your motorcycle – visit Farrell Agencies to review your registration terms & personal coverage options.  As recommended by Farrell Agencies, always carry additional Auto Insurance coverage (Auto Pak) in addition to your basic license plate insurance.  This Extension Auto coverage allows you to increase the liability portion of your auto policy and if you choose, lower your deductible.

Going out of province or country on a trip?  Farrell Agencies recommends that you increase your Third-Party Liability coverage before leaving the province or country.  This will be of great value to you in the event of an accident. 

Visit or call Farrell Agencies today, we can help you with all your Insurance requirements as you gear up for the season of motorcycle enjoyment.  For motorcycle enthusiasts there is nothing more satisfying than hitting the open road on a motorcycle & enjoying the warm air and beautiful scenery of this great country. 

Obey the Rules and Regulations of the Road & Be Safe Out There!

Did you know Farrell Agencies has the ability to complete transactions over the phone with a credit card?!

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From small beginnings we have systematically progressed to become one of the leading insurance brokerages in western Canada. We represent world-class companies such as Wawanesa Mutual, Lombard Canada, Aviva, Grain Insurance and Guarantee, SGI Canada, The Hartford, Mennonite Mutual, The Guarantee Company of North America and Western Surety. These companies have a long term commitment to the prairies.

Farrell Agencies is the largest underwriter of property and casualty business in Saskatchewan for the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company, a traditional insurance company whose roots are deeply entrenched in the prairies.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our front-line office staff. These are the people responsible for our high level of customer service on a day to day basis, accommodating the needs of our clients and offering professional insurance advice.

The level of expertise we provide to our customers is validated by the longevity of our staff members, six of whom have been with us for more than 15 years.

Our office boasts one of the most technologically-advanced operating systems in the industry. Farrell Agencies has kept pace with the insurance industry as electronic communications become more accepted and trusted. We can remotely service all your insurance needs while providing a superior level of service.

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