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Let’s Go Camping!

Posted by Farrell Agencies on August 1, 2018

Let’s Go Camping!

Camping season is is full swing! Do you have your camper registration renewed yet?

When you come into our office to renew your camper, ask us to check the RGVW on your truck registration. If the combination of your truck, trailer and contents exceeds 5,000 Kg (11,000 lbs), you must report the combined weight to your Motor Licence Issuer. This RGVW ( registered gross vehicle weight) needs to be indicated on your towing unit’s registration when travelling on public roads.

If you are pulling a camper weighing over 4600 kg (10,141 lbs) then you require a Class 1 or “G” endorsement on your drivers licence. To obtain a “G” endorsement you will need to meet approved medical and vision standards and pass a heavy trailer written and road test.

Motorhomes do not require a special licence to be driven. However, if your motorhome is equipped with air brakes, you will need to have an air brake endorsement added to your class 5 drivers licence. To obtain this endorsement you will need to pass a written, as well as practical test on a vehicle with air brakes.

Before you hit the road this summer, have your camper checklist ready:

–          Is your camper registration valid?

–          Are your brake, tail and signal lights working?

–          Are the safety chains connected properly?

–          Is the camper secure on the hitch?  

–          Have you adjusted your truck mirrors?

–          Have you checked the air pressure on your camper tires?

–          Have the wheel bearings been serviced recently?

Happy camping and have a great Summer!

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