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ISNET WORLD Members greatly benefit from a Insurance Broker

Posted by Farrell Agencies on May 9, 2018

ISNET WORLD Members greatly benefit from a Insurance Broker

Established in 2001 ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier management. With over 530 Hiring Clients in capital intensive industries to help manage more than 65,000 contractor and suppliers with their operations.  If you work or want to work at Mosaic, PCS , K+S Potash mines or for any number of other companies like Agrium, Husky Oil, Tervita, Yara Belle, Cameco you will more than likely must belong to ISNetworld.

What does ISNet World do?
ISNetworld collects, reviews, verifies information from Contractors and streamlines the qualification process for over 500 Hiring Clients. This information is consolidated in ISNetworld and helps employers connect with safe and qualified contractors who meet their safety and compliance standards.

ISN provides a greater transparency and enhances the insurance collection and review process for Hiring Clients and Contractors. Requirements are compiled and clearly stated so each party is aware of the requirements and gaps.

If you deal with ISNet World you know it can sometimes be a complicated process. Farrell Agencies clients don’t have to worry about uploading their Insurance Certificates to ISN, that is one of the many services we offer our Contractors.

If you are a Farrell Agencies client and belong to ISNet World you already know the benefit of granting us permission as your Broker which allows us to insure your certificates are submitted in a timely manner and that your policy carries the necessary coverages to be acceptable to the hiring company.

Each of the certificates are uploaded to ISNet World, one month prior to end date of your policy. This keeps you active and compliant within their system. Notifications of accepted or rejected certificates are sent to us and receive top priority in the event of a rejection.

If you would like to know more about our ISN procedures, please message a Commercial Broker here.


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