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Considerations for a Worry-Free Vacation or Winter Away.

Posted by Farrell Agencies on February 21, 2018

Considerations for a worry-free vacation or winter away:

Home Security to protect your home while you’re away.  Your home must be checked regularly — some home insurance policies require that someone visits the home daily or every other day, so make sure you have a family member or neighbor visit your home on a regular basis to check for any irregularities such as water leakage, frozen pipes or any other weather-related conditions & signs of attempted break-ins. There are several ways you can protect your home while you are away, such as:

Shut main water valve off, set up automatic timers for lamps and other light fixtures to give the appearance that you may be inside the house.  Ensure all doors, windows and other entry points into your home are locked. Make sure all light switches are turned off and unplug electrical devices. You can also call your utilities and other service providers to put a temporary hold on utility services.

Buying Travel insurance can help you enjoy your winter getaway, worry-free and is the best way to safeguard your health when something unexpected happens during your travels.  Before you leave, choose the coverage that will best suit your travel needs including: Emergency Medical coverage, Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage, Baggage, Loss Damage & Delay coverage.  Also, make sure you have proper travel documents – ensuring passports and other identifying documents do not expire until at least six months after your return. Have your credit and identification cards ready. You should also make copies of these items, as well as your passport, medical history, travel insurance documents.

Pack any medications you will need to take while you are away & label them clearly.  Get any necessary immunizations or vaccinations required for travel & see your doctor for your regular check up at least 90 days before travelling.  Make copies and receipts of your prescriptions and have them with you.  By protecting your health and well-being you should surely have an enjoyable winter vacation!

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