Bills of Sale – The Easy Way

Posted by Farrell Agencies on December 13, 2017

Farrell Agencies can now accept bills of sale changes by email to!

Commercial and Private bills of sale in addition to dealer bills of sale can now be accepted by email or fax to accommodate an ever increasing use of electronic communication and to give a better customer service.

A customer now has the option to buy a permit for their recently purchased vehicle by phone. Registration is an option if a customer obtained a plate for reuse.

If you have any questions contact us or phone in tel:13067834477 

Did you know Farrell Agencies has the ability to complete transactions over the phone with a credit card?!

We are the only insurance broker open at 7AM-6PM weekdays and 9AM-4PM on Saturdays! Call us before or after work from a landline, or enroute from your hands-free device.

Toll free anywhere in Canada 1 800 268 3675 or 1 306 783 4477.

Ask us about consent forms to complete transactions for your spouse!

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