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Why I became an insurance broker.

Posted by Farrell Agencies on October 11, 2017

Why I became an insurance broker.

I have to admit I didn’t grow up planning a career in the insurance industry. I knew I was interested in the business sector but I had no idea what that would look like. Like many of my colleagues I fell into this industry through a combination of a summer job and helpful neighbor who went on to be my mentor.

The more important question might be: why have I been an insurance broker for a quarter century? The answer is people. Helping people is the reason I stay and am proud to be an insurance broker.

We all strive to provide comfortable homes for our families and valuable recreation facilities for our communities. Our farmers and business owners drive our economic growth. What happens though if we are hit with a catastrophic loss? All that we have worked for can be lost in a matter of minutes because of fire, flood or severe wind for example.

A rather pessimistic and scary thought. But here is where we come in. As insurance brokers at Farrell Agencies, we provide protection against devastating loss. We can never eliminate the emotional loss people suffer personally unfortunately but together we can plan to protect your property.

It is as simple as this. At Farrell Agencies, we look after managing threats to your property and delivering insurance solutions. And if you do suffer a loss we have your back. Getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible is our promise. Leave the insurance to us so you can take care of the important things – live your life, love your families and grow our communities.

That is why I became an insurance broker. To provide peace of mind for you.

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