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Licence Plate Readers Provided to Law Enforcement

Posted by Farrell Agencies on October 25, 2017

SGI has provided law enforcement with money so that they may install Automatic Licence Plate Readers (ALPR) in their patrol vehicles as part of our commitment to traffic safety.

The ALPR system includes a computer installed in the interior of the patrol vehicle in the officer’s view, as well as strategically placed and adjustable cameras on the vehicle’s exterior. As the officer drives around, the equipment automatically reads licence plates, runs them through SGI registered owner information and Canadian Police Information Centre databases, and identifies any that are of police interest.

Plates that trigger an alert include unregistered or expired plates, those on stolen vehicles, amber alerts or where the driver has been suspended or is wanted for another matter.

There are currently 48 police vehicles across the province equipped with automated licence plate readers funded by SGI.

The fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is $580.

In the event of an at fault accident with an unregistered vehicle, the driver is responsible for all costs and insurance coverage will be not provided.

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In addition to the basic coverage provided with your licence plate, Farrell Agencies offers extension auto coverage, which allows you to lower your deductible and increase your liability limit.
Licence Plate Insurance Coverage
Your licence plate carries basic insurance coverage in three (3) areas:

  • Collision and Comprehensive (Damage to your vehicle)
  • Personal Injury Benefits
  • Third-Party Liability

We can provide additional coverage at reasonable rates. Get a free online auto or business insurance quote with eQuote. It’s fast, easy and convenient.


An Auto-Pak provides you with the following options:

  • Lowering your deductible
  • Increasing your Liability Limit
  • Adding Road Hazard Glass coverage
  • Adding Replacement Cost coverage on new vehicles
  • Adding Loss of Use coverage

Please contact our office and we will be happy to go through your personal coverage options.

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