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Home Systems Protection

Covers repairs or replacement when home systems, equipment and major appliances break down.

For example: If your furnace breaks down or your home entertainment system stops working, you’d have insurance to pay for the cost to replace it.

What does it cover?

Home systems and equipment like:

  • boilers, furnaces and heat pumps
  • hot water heaters and radiant floor heating
  • central air conditioning
  • water purification and filtration
  • ventilating systems
  • well pumps, installed sump pumps
  • home security monitoring and control devices
  • pool, spa or sauna equipment
  • electrical service panels
  • solar/wind/geothermal heating or energy
  • kitchen and laundry appliances
  • home entertainment equipment
  • computers and wireless devices
  • power tools and shop equipment
  • portable generators and sump pumps
  • … and more

 What does it cost?

For just a few dollars per month, you can have Home Systems Protection added to your existing home insurance policy.

Please contact our office and we will be happy to go through your personal coverage options.


Service Line Coverage

Service line coverage is an important coverage addition to your home insurance policy it will cover the costs associated with repairs to underground piping and wiring going into your home that is not covered under your standard home insurance policy.

This coverage will generally include those unexpected costs of excavation costs, repair of the damaged service line that you are legally responsible for, expediting expenses, loss of use coverage for additional living expenses, and any outdoor property damaged by repairs.

With most policies a limited amount of coverage is available for a small premium. Contact us for further details and premium.


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